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Our factory Specialized in designing and manufacturing of plastic precise moulds, as well as providing with injection moldings service, Second Processing and assembly. www.walpoint.net
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Our facility provides a spacious and well-equipped production environment with different types of injection molding techniques including co-injection molding, insert molding and over-molding and supplementary equipment to facilitate our flexibility to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Insert molding

insert molding1

insert molding2

insert molding3

insert molding4

Over molding

over moulding1

over moulding2

over moulding3

over moulding4

over moulding5

Co-injection (2K) molding

Double injection4

Mould Description3

Double injection1

Double injection2

Double injection5

Dust free injection molding

Dust free injection molding1

Dust free injection molding2

Dust free injection molding3

Dust free injection molding4

Dust free injection molding5
Plastic Material & Platic Parts In-House
We have Quality inspection about plastic parts thoroughly and packing them properly in a protective Cartons before they are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled warehouse.
We take care of your molds
We make sure molds'long term quality relys on proper maintenance procedures.
We can thus assure that the product quality will be the same with each subsequent production run, year after year within the mold life. That is the reason of perfect reproducibility.

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