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Our factory Specialized in designing and manufacturing of plastic precise moulds, as well as providing with injection moldings service, Second Processing and assembly. www.walpoint.net
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Mold Design

We dedicated in the production of molds that are optimal functionality and durability. Each of our mold designs represents the combined efforts of the design team, the engineering team and the production team, who together would agree on the best design through detailed and serious discussion and evaluation.
1. Part Analysis  ( Computer Aided Design )
Engineer Department will deeply study on the part files from the customer then performed the analysis as to:
Ensured that there is no undercut on the part; any interference on mold actions, sufficient draft angle for the Surface Textures or Part Ejection.
2. Mould Flow Analysis
 Make sure that there is enough Air Venting on the Mold and for sure no Air Trap Burnt Mark when Molding with High Speed.
3. Mould Design
Design the Proper Mold Actions according to the need.
Determine the Best Injection Gate Location; Best Gate Type; Best Gate Section Area for the Part and well balance on the runner for Multi-Cavity Mold.
Determine the Water Cooling and its Location, for sure Heat Transfer is enough that the Mold
Temperature on Cavity Side and Core Side should be as even as possible and make sure that no conservation of heat partially on the cavities or cores.

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